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Legal Terms Glossary

COMPLAINT – lawsuit document filed by the plaintiff that makes factual allegations that support his lawsuit.

CREDITOR – the person or company to whom money is owed

DEFAULT JUDGMENT – a ruling in favor of the plaintiff without having to hold a trial

DEFENDANT – person who is sued in court

DEBTOR – person who owes money

GARNISHMENT – a court order directing money or property (usually wages) be seized to satisfy a debt owed by a debtor to a creditor.

JUDGMENT – a court ruling.

MEDIATION – an intervention in a dispute to try and resolve it.

NOTICE OF INTENTION TO DEFEND – the document at the bottom of a writ of summons that should be sent to the court to let the court know that the defendant wishes to present evidence in his defense.

PLAINTIFF – person or company that brings a case in court to obtain a judgment

SERVICE – the formal delivery of a document required by the court to start a court proceeding

SUMMONS – an order to appear in court before a judge.

WRIT OF SUMMONS – the document containing the summons.

Credit Counseling

There are additional resources available:

The Consumer Education committee will include CCCSMD as part of a pretty extensive list of resources and partners. I think it might be a good idea to have us listed on your page as well, especially for those individuals who have significant debt, and who have not yet been sued… we can definitely help these individuals! Below is some slightly updated suggested language:


CCCSMD is an accredited nonprofit housing and consumer credit counseling agency, headquartered in Maryland since 1966. Individual services include: budget and credit counseling, debt management solutions, student loan debt counseling, credit building/rebuilding, housing counseling, foreclosure prevention/loss mitigation counseling, rental counseling, eviction prevention counseling, bankruptcy pre-filing counseling, and pre-discharge education.
Credentials: CCCSMD is a HUD-approved National Intermediary; Accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA) and the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC); Approved by DOJ/EOUST as provider of Bankruptcy counseling/education; and Licensed by the Maryland’s Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation.
Toll-free: 800-642-2227

Feel free to visit this website for additional information:

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